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A.P.C. Health & Safety Policy

All members and players at Abergavenny Petanque Club should read this policy. It is guidance to all players of pétanque, both at the clubs piste and also away pistes. A risk assessment, using the club’s risk assessment forms, should be carried out by a member(s) of the club prior to any event held by the club and periodically in respect of regular club events.

 First Aid equipment is available in the in the clubhouse kitchen, indicated by the First Aid sign.

Access by vehicles to the park – Be aware that Council Vehicles regularly enter the park to carry out routine maintenance.


Statement, before and during game play


The piste area should be checked before play for any foreign bodies such as glass, dog fowling, sticks etc. and these items are to be removed and deposited safely in the receptacles provided within the park.


During Play, all players should be aware of other games taking place and not cross into the boundaries of your neighbor’s piste. If you need to cross a piste then you must ensure that the players of the piste in question are aware of your intentions.


When shooting, all players should be aware of other players on the terrain and ensure that no player is within close proximity of the intended shot and they should be made aware of your intended shot.


When standing in the HEAD of the game, all players should be at least 2 metres away from the head and stand to the rear of the head. When a game is in play it is polite that you remain quite and stand still at all times.


It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that any spectators or animals (dogs) do not encroach onto the pistes.


Each player should pick up his or her own boule only, unless otherwise agreed by a player because they cannot bend down for some reason.


Players should not stand on the edge of the wooden surrounds as these may become slippery in wet or frosty conditions. Good footwear is required at all times when playing. Fashion shoes are not suitable.


Boule carrying bags, personal bags and other personal items should not be placed on the piste but placed near the bench seats. Spare boules should be placed in your boule bags, otherwise these can be a trip hazards.


Players should wash their hands immediately after playing boules. Washing facilities are available in the clubhouse.


Although Petanque is considered to be one to the safest of sports, lack of consideration or lack of concentration can cause accidents. All members have a responsibility for the Health of Safety of others as well as themselves.


Please be aware and responsible at all times.

Remember - Heavy Metal Boule can be dangerous.


The Executive Committee, Abergavenny Petanque Club


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