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Monthly Mellees

Our melees are held once a month on Saturday afternoons, and are Club and by Invitation Melees, not open Melees.

 The format for the Melees is the Panache type tournament, which is where individual players enter and are grouped into teams using a random selection method.

 (Due to COVID 19 restrictions and in order to comply with the regulations, players now play in the same team throughout the melee with each team having their own jack, scoring pegs and circle)

After each game each player will be asked to record their teams score, Win or Lose and the difference between Win and Lose, against their Name on the score sheet provided.

Individuals to register by 8.00 am on the day of play, with the games starting at 1:00pm

 On closure of the registration each player will be e-mailed with a copy of the play list and the piste and team schedule.

 There will be three games, with a 50 minute time limit on the first and second games.

The entry fee is £1:00 per person with all the money being given out in prizes and split between first, second or third places.

 In deciding the winner the total number of wins and the difference in score, i.e. for and against, will be taken into account, if more than one player has the same score the prize will be split between those players.

 There is a annual Trophy for the best yearly player; players must play in at least 5 matches out of a possible 12 in order to qualify for inclusion in the competition.

See our Monthly & Annual Melee results page for this year’s positions. 

Also if you wish to download melee draw sheets for between 4 and 50 players, playing 3, 4, 5, and 6 game melees on between 1 and 12 pistes see our Freebies page.

Also Available is a Melee Registration form for up to 50 Players and both Semi Automatic / Manual and fully Automatic Score Sheets for 3, 4, 5 and 6 Game Melees


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